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Gravity and Grace - Wholehearted | Mor Shani



Gravity and Grace - Wholehearted | Dansateliers RotterdamMor Shani | 2011

In Wholehearted Shani questions the contemporary pursuit of happiness. It is an homage to all ‘believers’, wherever and whoever they might be/ for all of those who wish to attain bliss/ for all of those who know that sadness is a small death/ for all of those who find comfort in the consolation prize of ‘pleasure’, and yet know they should swallow it in a rush, in the dark, with the shame of gluttony/ for all of those who wish better, but have admitted their own defeat/ for all of us/ for surrender.

choreografie Mor Shani | Performers Adrienne Altenhaus, Fabian Holle, Pawel Konior & David Vossen | dramaturgie Shiran Shveka | muziek Jaap van Keulen