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Moments with Ralitza | Fabian Holle

foto: Pepijn Lutgerink

Moments with Ralitza | Dansateliers Rotterdam | Fabian Holle | 15.06.12 tm 13.01.13

Sometimes I feel a slave of my own swirling,
vibrant mind running wild, full of desires, worries and negative images.
| uit Moments with Ralitza

What is freedom? Are we free to choose? Or are we driven by mechanisms? Is freedom an illusion? And if we can choose, why is it so difficult? And which limiting beliefs hold us back?
We see a woman that can't let her thoughts about freedom go, her desire for it is too strong. She is literally stuck. Her fear has become truth. Will she be able to free herself?

Moments with Ralitza is about the paradox of liberty. And how that paradox can get you entangled.

‘I create intimate performances where the performers show their most vulnerable side, in such way that the viewer is tempted to do the same. A jointly experience where the performers don't mask their imperfections’.

concept and choreography Fabian Holle | dance Ralitza Malehounovamusic Jaap van Keulencostumes Javier Murugarrendramaturgy Amy Galeproduced by Dansateliers